Communication is the product of a context and a context lies within a situation. To better comprehend what language learning and communicative situation the teachers and the taught are exposed to is indispensable for productive results.

Children of today are more confident and far much aware of their responsibilities as learners; consequently , it turns out to be the duty of the language trainers to make an effective Needs Analysis of the students. On those very basis, the teachers approach the framework of a certain lesson and select an appropriate methodology and techniques within.

Quite fortunately this is what we offer to our kids at Ozel Altın çağ Anaokul with a keen sense of academic excellence. Language learning occurs quite naturally in the interactive and friendly ,yet not frank, classroom environment. A potpourri of language teaching methodology , more preferrably, Communicative method, Total physical response and Audio-lingual methods are applied with an eclectic approach. Contents of a specific theme and the tasks based upon that very theme are highly prioritized.

The kids play games, execute tasks, do role-play and simulation, sing songs; a number of ways of learning, particularly ,address the pre-dominant sense/s of every individual student . The kids with various learning styles like kinaesthetic, tactile,auditory or visual happen to gratify their hunger for learning a foreign language. A notable thing is that we believe in developing our kids as great communicators, not only the foreign language learners. The early years of a foreign language learning are of extreme importance and the kids require to be on the track based upon a solid and well-structued platform. This will certainly lead them to be the win-win individuals in the times to come.

Great linguists and the researchers claim multilingualism to be a really desirable quality and one of the very profitable skills in the competitive arena of the modern age.Krashen’s theory of Input Hypothesis suggests the Affective filter to remove the language learning barriers and thus develop an emotional attachment with the target language. The problem areas are to be removed and a fear-free environment is to be invoked .

“ Communication and Trust are two main ingredients for successful RELATIONSHIP.”
We would heartily wish our kids to experience the novelties of this ever-growing globe as great communicators!!!!!!!!